The country is in a lock down to minimise the spread of the novel corona virus. Medical services, along with other essential services are exempt from the lock down.
So what happens to plastic surgery services?
Plastic surgery is a speciality which encompasses a very wide range of procedures from head to toe of the human body. It is often equated with cosmetic surgery(surgeries and procedures to improve appearance) , which is of course a part of the spectrum of plastic surgery. But there are wide variety of other procedures which are performed by plastic surgeons. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s divide them into elective (or planned) procedures, and emergency procedures.
In these times of uncertainty, medical professionals-doctors, nurses and other staff at hospitals are at a higher risk of getting infected by the corona virus. Also, patients in the hospital for other problems may also be unknowingly infected with corona virus from contact with those infected, known or unknown.
In the interest of protecting the health care professionals and other patients, most plastic Surgeons are not performing planned surgeries at present and postponing admissions and surgeries of patients who will not be harmed by such delay. Also we are bracing for any possible sudden increase in the number of corona patients who require hospital admissions and hospital beds and staff have to be kept prepared for such a situation.
But this in no way means that doctors, including plastic Surgeons have abdicated their responsibility. We are standing ready to treat patients with emergency or any one who needs urgent care. These for plastic surgery, includes patients who have trauma or accidents, acute burns or severe infections.
Also, in the eventuality of large number of corona patients, doctors of all specialities (plastic surgeons included) might be called in to assist in patient care. Though let’s pray that such a situation does not arise at all, We, the plastic Surgeons, are standing by to serve the country and our people in whatever capacity that we may be required to do so.

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