It is very common to suffer minor burns at home. It often occurs by accidental spillage of hot water, or drops of hot oil spilling during cooking. Contact burns due accidental contact with hot iron or cooking pan is also fairly common.
While it is better to be cautious and try to avoid these incidents, sometimes they do happen. In such an event, it is ideal to consult a qualified doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon. But sometimes, it may be difficult to immediately reach a hospital or consult with a plastic surgeon, as is the case in the present lockdown. Some basic measures can be taken at home as first aid.
The first thing to do in most burns, whether due to contact with hot objects, hot water or oil should be to keep the affected area under running water. A simple way to do it is to open a tap supplying clean water at home and keep the burnt body part under the running water of the tap. In case of burns due to spillage of chemicals, acid or alkali, the part should be washed with running water for a longer time, till all the chemical is washed away. Contrary to popular belief, putting ice on a burnt area is not the recommended first aid.
After that, the affected part should be gently dried by dabbing with a clean cloth. Many people apply things like tooth paste on the burnt area. This should be avoided as it is not of benefit, and is very difficult to clean away later.
Common painkillers can be taken to relieve the burning sensation and pain.
Antibiotic ointment or silver based gels can be applied on the burnt area.
It is advisable to consult a doctor at the first opportunity. However, in case of any burn involving a larger area of the body (more than 10%),or electrical or chemical burns, patient should be urgently taken to a hospital.

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