First aid for minor burns at home

It is very common to suffer minor burns at home. It often occurs by accidental spillage of hot water, or drops of hot oil spilling during cooking. Contact burns due accidental contact with hot iron or cooking pan is also fairly common. While it is better to be cautious and try to avoid these incidents, sometimes they do happen. In such an event, it is ideal to consult a qualified doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery services in corona pandemic

The country is in a lock down to minimise the spread of the novel corona virus. Medical services, along with other essential services are exempt from the lock down. So what happens to plastic surgery services? Plastic surgery is a speciality which encompasses a very wide range of procedures from head to toe of the human body. It is often equated with cosmetic surgery(surgeries and procedures to improve appearance) , which is of course a

Breast Augmentation and Exercise: When can you return to exercise after having a Boob Job?

Why you shouldn’t overdo it or engage in high-intensity exercise after a Boob Job (Breast Augmentation Exercise). Typically, however, the recommended recovery time could be approximately six weeks before you ought to engage in High-Intensity Exercise or Interval Training (HIIT) following your Breast Augmentation surgery or other cosmetic breast surgery. The Golden Rule about Breast Augmentation & Exercise It is important that you simply follow all post-op instructions carefully. you ought to always consult your cosmetic surgeon before returning to any sort of exercise, especially within the first few