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Birth mark removal

A birthmark is a "splotch" on the skin and can be a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some birthmarks are small and inconspicuous and may not ever be noticed by anyone. Other birthmarks may be large, unsightly and very conspicuous. They may also be located on areas of your body that cannot be covered up daily. Many patients come to the Center embarrassed by unsightly birthmarks on their face, neck, arms or hands. Conspicuous birthmarks may lower a person's self-esteem and many would do anything to be rid of their birthmark.

While some birthmarks do fade or completely disappear over time, there are others that do not fade and may even progress with age. Today laser treatments offer a safe and effective treatment option for a variety of different birthmarks.

Laser treatment may sound severe but is actually very sophisticated. It involves using a customized light wave that is right for the specific colouration of the birthmark, a little like broadcasting sound at a particular frequency. Over the course of several treatments, the laser breaks down the colouration so that the mark fades and blends in with the surrounding skin, without leaving any scars.